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Jewelry Care

Polymer clay is extremely light, durable and malleable.  That means, when properly cured, the polymer clay will bend before it breaks. So, while your earrings may be bendable, please don't bend them!!  You bought your earrings, and I made them, to adorn your ears, not perform acrobatics!!

But seriously, your earrings are wearable art, handmade with love, and I want your gems to last for years to come.  Follow the below guidelines to care for  your gems: 

  • Keep your earrings dry and away from excessive heat. The muslin bag you received and/or the gift box are great storage for your gems.  
  • Keep your earrings away from other earrings.  While the clay is durable and won't break if it falls, it can easily be scratched by other, harder materials, such as metal.  
  • Avoid throwing your gems in your purse or makeup bag.  Polymer clay is a a non-toxic PVC plastic that is porous.  That means it is susceptible to picking up color and dirt. The muslin bags you receive are great for travelling and keeping your gems separate and clean.
  • Avoid getting harsh chemicals, sunscreens, makeup and perfumes on your earrings to ensure they maintain their vibrancy and color. It's best to put your earrings on after any skincare or makeup.  To the extent that your gems get dirty, they can easily be wiped with water and a damp cloth, or a baby wipe (fragrance free!!).   
    • If a damp cloth or wipe does not work to remove stains, you can LIGHTLY swab cotton wool dabbed with either alcohol or some pure un-colored acetone over the piece, to lift up the dirt or stain. Contact me before trying this and I will be happy to walk you through it so that you do not risk damaging  your pieces. 
    • If your earrings contain glitter, decorative foil or have been surface treated with a glaze (such as the Kenya Collection and the Vintage Baubles), DO NOT use alcohol or acetone as this will wear off the surface treatment.  
If you have any questions, concerns or issues, please don't hesitate to contact ULC here.  Please note that Uju Lwami Creations will not replace items that have not been properly cared for or stored correctly.